"In my educational work, it is important for me to place the focus of teaching
the individual and to help them to find their individual path in the
and to help them find their own individual path in music and to push their own boundaries.
The fascination for the recorder with its its special repertoire in early and new music
is a true need!"

For almost thirty years now I have been working as an instrumental teacher for the recorder in the Musik- und Kunstschule Bielefeld with students of all ages. Since then, I have accompanied many of my students to successfully participate in competitions such as Jugend musiziert and the Open Recorder Days Amsterdam.

Promoting ensemble music and supervising ensembles is a major concern of mine in my work, both in project-related coaching work and in continuous rehearsal work. I currently lead the following ensembles: the Bielefelder Blockflöten-Consort and the Ensemble Wildholz.I am regularly invited as a teacher in ensemble workshops at festivals and events, including the Open Recorderdays Amsterdam (ORDA), the Blockfloetenshop.de in Fulda.

Since 2019, I have also a teaching position at the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold and teaches the recorder in various courses there.

If you are interested in lessons (face-to-face or online), are looking for advice on studying the recorder or are looking for coaching for your ensemble, please feel free to contact me.