Steinzeitgeflüster - recorder & percussion

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Frank Oberschelp – recorder
Reinhold Westerheide – percussion

"Steinzeitgeflüster" is a concert program based on the composition of the same name by Reinhold Westerheide, commissioned in 2013 for the Neues Museum in Berlin. "Steinzeitgeflüster" aims to evoke associations of an archaic and original sound with instruments that are among the oldest musical instruments known to mankind. They translate direct touch into sound, play with breath and their sounds represent sensual joy, dance, mourning and cult.

The music in the program is a kaleidoscope of different musical styles, combining contemporary music by Reinhold Westerheide, Racheal Cogan and Chick Corea with 14th century music from Italy and France, based on "Steinzeitgeflüster". This creates a dialogical field of tension between old and new, composition and improvisation or dance and mourning.

Between the music, fragments of an archaic soundscape emerge again and again with naturalistic sound recordings of the various elements of earth, water, fire and air, which connect or separate the music. The sounds of nature weave their own red thread in "Stone Age Whispers".

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Audio samples


The program:

Soundscape 1
Reinhold Westerheide:
Steinzeitgeflüster I (2013)
Soundscape 2                    
Anonymus, Italien:
Estampie „Tre Fontane“ 
Soundscape 3
Guillaume de Machaut:
Lai „Tel rit au main“ 
Soundscape 4 
Guillaume de Machaut:
Chanson Royal
Soundscape 5
Reinhold Westerheide:
Steinzeitgeflüster II (2013)
Soundscape 6
Chick Corea :
Children Songs (1972) Nr. 6,1,4
Soundscape 7
Racheal Cogan:
Absence (2006)
Soundscape 8         
Reinhold Westerheide:
Silberschatten (2017)
Reinhold Westerheide:
Neoptera I, II (2017)
Soundscape 9
Reinhold Westerheide:
Twilight (2019)
Soundscape 10
Reinhold Westerheide:
Steinzeitgeflüster III & IV (2019)
Soundscape 11

The program is here available on CD.

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