Frank Oberschelp was born in Münster, Westphalia. He studied recorder with Heiko ter Schegget, Baldrick Deerenberg and Marion Verbruggen at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. Frank Oberschelp passed both the bachelor of Music exam and the master of music- exam there with distinction. In 1998 he won the solo competition of the "International Recorder Symposium Calw".

Frank Oberschelp performs with various ensembles and orchestras in Germany and Europe. His repertoire as a recorder player includes works of early music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, as well as works of contemporary music. Several CD productions document his artistic work: including "Bittersweet" in 2007, "Flauto senza Basso" in 2008, "Händel & Friends" in 2009, "Travels" in 2012 and "Steinzeitgeflüster" in 2020.

Pedagogical work is another focus of his professional activities. Frank Oberschelp has been teaching recorder at the Bielefeld Music and Art School since 1995 and is also head of the wind section there. As ensemble leader of several recorder ensembles, he is very active in project-related ensemble and coaching work. Since 2019, he has also held a teaching position for recorder at the Detmold University of Music.

Frank Oberschelp is also a sought-after speaker for ensemble workshops at festivals and events, including the Open Recorderdays Amsterdam (ORDA), Blockflö in Fulda, the ERTA (European Recorder Teachers Association) and the Recorder Festival in Stockstadt.